Our Promise

Our first priority is animal welfare.  Our animals are raised outdoors.  The pigs spend their day wandering through the pasture, rooting up everything and anything they can find (so far old tools, chairs, harness parts, horse shoes, a 9 iron, etc.)  When they want to nap, they flop under a tree.  They dig mud holes and wallow when it's hot or the insects bother them.  They interact naturally in their social groups.  We never feed junk like industrial food scraps, used cooking oil, day-old doughnuts, or artificial growth promotants.  Their welfare and premium quality meat are our number 1 priority.

Our History

We moved to our 10 acre farm in 2010, set up a small pasture and raised 4 pigs for ourselves and friends.  Those pigs made us realize how good pork really can be.  The night-and-day feeling you have when you eat really good bacon, ham, or pork chops is amazing.  4 pigs became 6, 12, 24, 40, 55... and thus was born Pete's Fine Swine.  We added pastured chicken along the way as customers asked what else we could provide.  And again, the difference between a store-bought, mass produced chicken and a bird that lived its whole life outdoors, on grass is truly amazing.  It makes you realize how commoditized and homogenized our food has become, but it doesn't have to be that way.  Try Pete's Fine Swine and see just how good pork can be.

Our number one priority is animal welfare.  We believe that providing a stress-free pasture environment that respects the animal's nature and allows it to behave according to its instincts is not only better for the animals, but results in premium quality meat better than anything you could buy in a store.  Try Pete's Fine Swine pork and you'll never want to go back to the grocery store for meat again.

Welcome to Pete's Fine Swine! We're dedicated to humanely and ethically growing healthy, delicious meat for your table.

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