1) $2.50 per pound hanging weight
2) $50 per pig on-farm kill fee
3) plus processing costs payable to Byron Center Meats

You can buy by the half or whole pig. We don't sell by the quarter because it's difficult for the processor to split it up to everybody's wishes. If you would like a quarter, the best thing would be to find a friend with whom to share a half.

Chickens are $3.35 per pound of dressed weight.  They usually average about 5 pounds per bird.  The price includes processing; the birds are whole, ready to pop in the oven or freezer.  Chickens must be picked up from the farm unless other arrangements are made.

Rose Veal:
1) $3.50 per pound hanging weight
2) $100 per steer on-farm kill fee
3) plus processing costs payable to Byron Center Meats

You can buy by the quarter, half, or whole.  

2019 Prices

We price our pigs by the pound of hanging weight.  Hanging weight is the weight of the carcass (no head, feet, skin, or entrails.)  After the animals are slaughtered and transported to Byron Center Meats, they're weighed and then the final hanging weight is recorded.  There is also a kill fee per animal for the on-farm slaughter.  Byron Center Meats charges for processing based on hanging weight plus some up-charges for things like linked sausages, smoking, etc.  You can see their pricing at their website: http://ByronCenterMeats.com

Our pigs usually have an average hanging weight of 200-225 pounds which results in about 160-175 pounds of packaged cuts.  The pigs vary in size and you can request a larger or smaller pig based on your needs.

Byron Center Meats collects all funds for pork, so all payment is due at the time the meat is picked up. They accept cash/checks/credit cards for processing.  Payment for the animal must be by cash or check.


We don't require a deposit to make a reservation, only an email address and phone number.  We just ask for a "firm commitment" that you want your animal and as much notice as possible if you change your mind. 

We try to communicate as much as possible via email.  Once you're on the buyer list, we'll send out a couple emails on their progress.   I usually send my list to Byron Center Meats a week to 10 days prior to the scheduled slaughter date and they will contact you for instructions.


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