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"Pete, your pig was amazing. The meat itself was hands down the best pork I can recall having, and the sausage and brats Byron did were close to, but just a bit better than Bob Evans or Johnsonville. They do a great job as well. Kudos to you for having an all around great product. It lasted us into January and my family really enjoyed every meal of it. Thanks!"
--Jeff W

"I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying the pork and ham. Everything has had great flavor and the pork is very tender. Well done Pete. I will recommend your product if anyone is looking to buy any pork. "
--Richard N

"Thanks for a great product, Pete!  Go ahead and put me down for another pig this year."
--Valerie V

"We are now out of pork, and suffering for it…How are we going to get by???? So, please make sure we're on the list for a whole pig!"
--Anne H

"This is my first time buying direct from a farmer and I must admit you make it very easy and enjoyable, thank you."
--Neal A

"We just had some of your pork chops from last time last night.  They are soooo good! "
--Sue M

"I just braised a shoulder roast to a recipe for roast pork Caucasus style.  There are quite a few spices, but the meat has such excellent flavor that the result is great roast with spices.  This is the best pork that I have had in about 40 years.  When I was a lot younger, I could get pork and beef from a local market that was grown nearby.  That was the last time I had anything like this. We just took it for granted then that we could get local meat and produce."
--Sandra E