About our Rose Veal

In the dairy business, it is necessary for a cow to regularly have a calf to continue to produce milk.  One unfortunate by-product of that is sometimes the cow has a bull calf.  Bulls are of no value to a dairy.  Dairy-bred bulls do not gain weight as well as beef-bred bulls, so they aren't desirable for raising for beef - just not as economically viable.  So, dairy bull calves have traditionally been used for veal.  And historically, the way veal calves were raised was not very humane, in my opinion. 

What is rose veal?  Rose veal is a “new” meat that is gaining in popularity in Europe.  Rose veal comes from dairy bull calves, but it is raised much differently than traditional veal.  Humanely raised outdoors on pasture to about 8 months of age with free access to graze as desired, they are also supplemented with grain to enhance the flavor of the meat.  Our calves are never crated or tethered.  The meat is very tender; you can almost cut the steaks with a fork!  It also has a very smooth texture and is very lean because the animals have not marbled a lot of fat yet.  And because the animals have lived on a complete diet are harvested a little bit older than traditional veal, the meat has more flavor and is red, rather than somewhat bland and pale like typical veal.  Because the animals are smaller, the cuts are smaller than normal beef cuts.  A whole calf usually produces about 250 pounds of packaged cuts.  You can order by the quarter, half, or whole.

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